Country Case Studies

Case studies that focus on the overall cross-sector infrastructure sharing experiences in 3 countries

This section sets out three case studies that focus on the overall cross-sector infrastructure sharing experiences in three countries: Lithuania, South Africa and the United States.

1. Lithuania. Lithuania’s infrastructure sharing is credited with contributing to the high level of fiber deployment in the country. However, most infrastructure sharing still remains within the telecommunications sector and cross-sector infrastructure sharing has been limited.

2. South Africa. South Africa’s case summarizes the current telecommunications market and describes the regulatory and policy approach of the government. It highlights three business models used to leverage shared infrastructure.

3. United States. United States’ case traces the development of cross-sector infrastructure sharing practices and policies and provides examples. This case provides valuable and nuanced insights for policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders elsewhere in the world who are today focused on ways to increase the incidence of infrastructure sharing to support the development of broadband.



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