ICT Interventions

Women constitute half of the worlds’ population. It is important to identify at the policy, legislative and regulatory level, what actions (if at all) can be taken to ensure equitable access to ICT networks and services. Women suffer from relative disadvantages in terms of access to finance and networks in comparison with men. This, coupled with social stigmas associated with women in STEM make both entry into and scale-up of women-owned digital enterprises harder. Women, more than men, are more vulnerable to cyber-security risks.

ICTs a have the potential to expand opportunities for women across domains.

This includes access to education, health services, social security transfers, greater economic opportunities, both within and outside the ICT sector. This section discusses typology of ICT interventions grouped under three headings: Digital Ecosystem; Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity; and Platforms and Services. Each of these 3 areas are broken into more specific interventions. Under each sub section that discusses a specific intervention there is a summary table outlining barriers, opportunities and associated targeted actions, with links that take a reader to relevant pages.

Executive summary

The Chapter develops several themes, listed below.

      Section 2.1. Digital Ecosystem

      Section 2.2. Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity

      Section 2.3. Platforms and Services