We set out with an ambitious task - to develop a toolkit that can serve as a 'ready reckoner' for Task Team Leaders (TTLs) to design and implement ICT project plans that promote women’s inclusion.

We could not have delivered this toolkit within a short timeline of two months without the invaluable support and guidance we received from Ms Seda Pahlavooni, an incredible TTL who helped us at every step of the project.

Special thanks to Samia Melhem, Alicia Hammond, Ida Mboob, Anna Lerner, and Krishna Pidatala from the World Bank for helping us formulate the toolkit framework and Ms Tasneem Rais, who helped facilitate all the logistics.

We are extremely grateful to all the TTLs and specialists who have contributed to this toolkit either by offering direct consultations or by providing insightful feedback along the way - Axel Rifon Perez, Sara Troiano, Marc Lixi, Charles Hurpy, Kaoru Kimura, Sandra Sargent, Natalija Gelvanovska, Sanna Liisa Taivalmaa, Jeehye Kim, Vanessa Lopes Janik, Julia Clark, Vyjayanti Desai, Cem Dener, Leah April, Nagaraju Duthaluri, and Mia Harbitz.

They helped us stay focused on creating an output that is consistent with a TTL's realities.