Public Cloud Vendor Comparison

** This toolkit is being updated by the World Bank shortly. ** .  

If a government decides to go with a public cloud setup then the next step is to determine which vendor to select. Vendors usually have multiple offerings, and it can be challenging to compare vendors.  It is recommended that, even if deciding to pursue a private cloud, governments still assess public cloud vendors to determine a baseline of offerings and service level agreements that they may wish to provide.  

In order to assist with any future comparisons that governments may undertake, a vendor comparison can be found in this section for reference. Azure and Amazon were chosen due to their breadth of services and geographic offerings. Price is a key factor, which can vary in different regions depending upon the components and services provided by the public cloud service provider and also how the government utilizes those computing resources.  

At this time, there is no data center in Africa for Azure or Amazon, so it is recommended that African countries consider either using a data center on the European continent or a local cloud provider. If a local provider is selected, it is recommended the provider be assessed based on the general concepts and specific recommendations outlined in this report.