Cloud Readiness Toolkit

** This toolkit is being updated by the World Bank shortly. **  

Many countries that are interested in implementing a cloud platform are either uncertain where to start or are focused on building a national data center, or equivalent; however, a government may not be ready to leverage the cloud, even if they have one available. The preferred deployment model and path to implementation will be different for every country, and possibly even differ by departments or ministries within the same country.  

In order to assist governments, the World Bank Cloud Readiness Assessment Toolkit provides two assessments, a country assessment and an application and infrastructure assessment, with a series of questions that determines where a country is in terms of overall readiness, what deployment model they may wish to pursue based on their current regulatory environment, and recommendations on how they can better position their government to take advantage of cloud computing.  All questions are geared towards the government and the public sector. As such, the toolkit does not assess cloud providers or skills available in the private sector. Once a government is ready to implement a cloud platform, the application and infrastructure assessment can be used to build out a roadmap both at the department/ministry level and the application level.