1. ICT Regulation Toolkit
  2. infoDev
  3. European Commission
    1. Broadband Portal
    2. Study on Broadband Coverage in Europe 2012
    3. The Broadband State Aid Rules Explained (An eGuide for Decision Makers)
  4. IDB
    1. Broadband Portal
    2. Socio-economic Impact of Broadband in Latin American and Caribbean Countries
  5. ITU
    1. Broadband Portal
    2. ITU Statistics
    3. ITU Broadband Atlas
    4. Strategies for the deployment of NGN in a Broadband Environment – Regulatory and economic aspects
    5. Competition and Regulation in a Converged Broadband World
    6. Developing Successful Public-Private Partnerships to Foster Investment in Universal Broadband Networks
    7. Regulating Broadband Prices
    8. Regulation of Global Broadband Satellite Communications
    9. Exploring the Value and Economic Valuation of Spectrum
    10. The Impact of Broadband on the Economy
    11. Broadband as a platform for economic, social and cultural development: Lessons from Asia
  6. OECD
    1. OECD Broadband Portal
    2. OECD Broadband statistics update
    3. OECD Broadband Maps
    4. The Development of Fixed Broadband Networks
    5. Broadband access network speed tests by country
    6. Beyond the first mile: where your Internet comes from
  7. UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  8. World Bank Group
    1. Building Broadband: Strategies and policies for the developing world
    2. Broadband Networks in the Middle East and North Africa: Accelerating High-Speed Internet Access
    3. Broadband for Africa
    4. Partnerships for Broadband: Innovative public private partnerships will support the expansion of broadband networks
    5. Broadband and Job Creation
    6. Maximizing Mobile
    7. Broadband infrastructure investment in stimulus packages: relevance for developing countries