Building Broadband

Defining Broadband and its Benefits

Module 1 “Building Broadband,” introduces the concepts of broadband by defining the term “broadband” more conventionally (that is, speed or functionality) as well as explaining how the Broadband Strategies Toolkit seeks to define the term as broadband comes to be seen as an enabling platform. The module focuses on how broadband can help to transform a country’s economic development and improve employment growth, provided that effective policies are put in place that encourage the use of broadband as an essential input by all sectors of the economy. It also identifies the main trends fostering the deployment of broadband networks (supply side) and the adoption of broadband services and applications (demand side). Lastly, this module offers a framework—the broadband ecosystem—to assist policy makers and stakeholders in viewing broadband policies in a more holistic manner and as a means to ensure the greatest impact throughout the economy and society.